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Just a quick question.

Has anyone tried installing bml on a windows box (windows xp to be exact with IIS ver 5.1) with active perl?
I am having a hard time modifying the BML->HTML filter that is in the
htaccess.txt file. I tried a few things in computer management, but to no avail
I can't get my server to recognize bml as text/bml or to send it through the
Is there any documentation about that anywhere?
I know not to many people involved with bml even want to deal with windows OS,
but I wanted to help out with a few lj things, and also learn bml (cause i can).
Any help would be appreciated.

update - Ok I am dumb I got it in there but now i get 403.1 Forbidden: Execute Access Forbidden errors, which I will have to sit and try to figure out. blah.
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